Oklahoma Butterflies: Pictures and Butterfly Identification Help


picture of a side view of a white Peacock butterfly

Thanks for visiting Oklahoma butterflies, and the state sure does have a large diversity of butterflies, around the one hundred and eighty species mark.

The high diversity can be attributed to a spillover of species that are primarily Southwest or Midwest. Maintaining high butterfly diversity in the state is as easy as planting a butterfly garden.

This introduction to Oklahoma butterflies provides a list of the species in the state arranged according to families. Space limitations means only a few butterfly pictures can be included. Please press the green Butterflies button for more butterfly pictures and information on individual species and families.

Before moving to the species list a brief note on butterfly gardens. The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife suggests the following plants to attract butterflies at a basic butterfly garden.


  • Trumpet Honeysuckle: Spring Azure
  • Mikweed: Monarch, Queen
  • Indian paintbrush: Buckeye, Fulvia Checkerspot
  • Sweet Clover: Alfalfa and Orange Sulphers, Dogface butterfly; Reakirt’s and Eastern-tailed blues; Gray Hirstreak; Spring Azure
  • Lantana/Thistle: Painted Lady, American Painted Lady
  • Parsley/Dill/Carrot: Eastern Black Swallowtail
  • Sweet Alyssum: Checkered and Cabbage Whites/LI>
  • Sunflower: Gorgone and Silvery Crescents, Painted Lady, American Painted Lady
  • Lamb’s Quarters: Painted Lady, Common and Scalloped Sootywings, Western Pygmy Blue
  • Violet: Variegated and Great-Spangled Fritillaries
  • American Elm: Question Mark, Mourning Cloak, Painted Lady, Comma
  • Passion Flower: Gulf and Varigated Fritillaries
  • Hackberry/Sugarberry: Snout and Hackberry, Tawny Emperor, Mourning Cloak, Question Mark


  • American Plum: Coral and Striped Hairstreaks, Spring Azure, Tiger Swallowtail
  • Rose of Sharon: Gray Hairstreak
  • Hollies: Henry’s Elfin
  • Apple: Viceroy, Red-spotted Purple, Gray Hairstreak, Spring Azure

Butterflies: Whites and Yellows

picture of a Florida White butterfly, part of the Oklahoma butterflies section
Pieridae is the formal name of the family that consists of the butterflies with white wings and yellow wings. Most states have more of the yellow butterfly species. The picture shows a Florida White butterfly. Here’s a list of the rest of the white butterflies and yellow butterflies documented in the state.
Falcate Orangetip
Large Marble
Olympia Marble
Florida White
Cabbage White
Becker’s White
Checkered White
Spring White
Clouded Sulphur
Orange Sulphur
Southern Dogface
White Angled-Sulphur
Cloudless Sulphur
Large Orange Sulphur
Orange-barred Sulphur
Lyside Sulphur
Barred Yellow
Mexican Yellow
Tailed Orange
Little Yellow
Sleepy Orange
Dainty Sulphur

Blues, Hairtreaks and Coppers

picture of a mallow scrub hairstreak
Cassius Blue
Marine Blue
Western Pygmy-Blue
Eastern Tailed-Blue
Spring Azure
Summer Azure
Silvery Blue
Ceraunus Blue
Reakirt’s Blue
Melissa Blue
Lupine Blue
Great Purple Hairstreak
Juniper Hairstreak
Olive’ Juniper Hairstreak
Thicket Hairstreak
Frosted Elfin
Henry’s Elfin
Eastern Pine Elfin
Oak Hairstreak
Northern’ Southern Hairstreak
Coral Hairstreak
Edwards’ Hairstreak
Banded Hairstreak
Striped Hairstreak
Behr’s Hairstreak
Soapberry Hairstreak
Red-banded Hairstreak
Gray Hairstreak
Mallow Scrub-Hairstreak
White-M Hairstreak
American Copper
Gray Copper
Bronze Copper
Purplish Copper

Brush Footed Butterflies

picture of a Weldemeyers Admiral butterfly
Multiple fritillary, checkerspot, crescent and wood nymph species insures nice diversity for Oklahoma butterflies in the brush foot category. Visitors can keep that in mind when looking for butterflies. Don’t pass up a Crescent butterfly, for example, if a picture is already in the camera. A different species could very well be sitting on that flower outside the hotel.
Brush footed
American Snout
Gulf Fritillary
Julia Heliconian
Zebra Heliconian
Variegated Fritillary
Diana Fritillary
Great Spangled Fritillary
Regal Fritillary
Edwards’ Fritillary
Red-spotted Purple
Astyanax’ Red-spotted Purple
Weidemeyer’s Admiral
Arizona Sister
Hackberry Emperor
Tawny Emperor
Common Mestra
Dotted Checkerspot
Fulvia Checkerspot
Silvery Checkerspot
Gorgone Checkerspot
Bordered Patch
Brush footed
Graphic Crescent
Painted Crescent
Phaon Crescent
Pearl Crescent
Texan Crescent
Baltimore Checkerspot
Common Buckeye
White Peacock
Question Mark
Eastern Comma
Gray Comma
Mourning Cloak
Red Admiral
Painted Lady
West Coast Lady
American Lady
Goatweed Leafwing
Southern Pearly-eye
Northern Pearly-eye
Creole Pearly-eye
Gemmed Satyr
Canyonland Satyr
Georgia Satyr
Little Wood-Satyr
Red Satyr
Carolina Satyr
Ridings’ Satyr
Common Wood-Nymph

Oklahoma Butterflies: Swallowtails

picture of a black swallowtail, the official butterfly of Oklahoma
Nine swallowtails make the Oklahoma butterflies list. Three of them the Toas, Two-tailed and Palamedes have very limited ranges, two to four counties.

The pictures shows a black Swallowtail, Oklahoma’s official butterfly. It’s the most widespread of the swallowtails, found almost statewide.

  • Pipevine Swallowtail
  • Zebra Swallowtail
  • Black Swallowtail
  • Eastern Tiger Swallowtail
  • Two-tailed Swallowtail
  • Spicebush Swallowtail
  • Palamedes Swallowtail
  • Thoas Swallowtail
  • Giant Swallowtail

Butterflies: Metalmarks

picture of a swamp metalmark butterfly
  • Little Metalmark
  • Northern Metalmark
  • Swamp Metalmark