Wyoming Wildlife and Nature Guide

picture of the Absaroka Mountain Range in Yellowstone National Park, part of the Wyoming wildlife and nature series
Wyoming outdoor recreation and travel opportunities often start in the state’s larger cities. Cheyenne, for example has promoted an outdoor recreation program during the summer to keep the local children interested. The invitation extends to tourists as well. It’s a great city for hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, backpacking and more.

Casper, located in central Wyoming, is surrounded by mountains. It provides another window into Wyoming outdoor recreation. The interstate through the city also provides easy access to nearby fishing opportunities.

picture of some Indian paintbrush flowers the state flower of Wyoming
Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park are the state’s northwest gateways for tourists who suffer from the photography itchy finger. Visitors never run out of opportunities for the potential perfect picture. In fact, a high elevation rare wildflower jaunt in the middle of the summer is just the thing for many who want to get away from the more crowded national parks.

The Indian Paintbrush, the official state flower easily fits the scenic beauty category and is often the object of a photographer’s eye and camera.

Readers are encouraged to download the Pocket Guide to the Native Plants of Teton County. It provides both residents and tourists a great flower identification guide during those summer hikes.
picture of a Checkermallow flower, a native Wyoming flower
Residents receive a double bonus because the guide also includes some planting instructions. The picture shows a checkermallow, another of the state’s native flowering plants.

Wyoming is also a great place for anyone to add to their life lists of birds, insects, amphibians and reptiles. Press and of the buttons below to learn more.