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picture of a peony, the state flower of Indiana
Many people rightly associate car racing and basketball with the people of the Hoosier state.

Less well known is the fact that the people prize their flower gardens. In 1957, for example, Indiana designated a late spring bloomer, the garden peony (Paeonia) as the official state flower, replacing another popular garden flower, the zinnia.

picture of a zinnia flower in bloom

Starting out with those basic flower garden facts, consider the publication Growing Annual Flowers. It provides all the information a Hoosier needs to get any gardener started such as soil preparation, seed choice, fertilization and other important hands on gardening topics.

Equally important, the brochure provides a map of the state that includes average dates for the last frost. It’s important to note that a warming climate means that the last freeze dates tend to be a bit earlier than the published dates, making the published dates on the conservative side. On the positive note, using them as a garden rule of thumb provides a bit of security in the planting decision making process.

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