Environment and Nature Clip Art

Thanks for visiting the environment and nature clip art section consisting of hundreds of black and white, along with colorful clip art images divided according to topics.

Most of the images can easily be printed for newsletters and other projects. Students and teachers are encouraged to use them also for web projects, with a request that a link be provided to the appropriate page in order that others can find the original source. The clip art images and pages may not be used as part of another clip art collection.

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Flower Clip Art

The transition from the web 1.0 to web 2.0 environment meant that CSS design replaced many of the traditionally used design icons and fonts. Consequently, the Flower Clip Art section reduces to a handful of flower clip art images permanently placed on this page to accompany the native flower pictures and video.

Please right click on your mouse to download one to your computer for use in reports and newsletters. The specific flower drawings in this set, an anemone, bleeding hearts, brodiaea, buttercups, chicory and hedge-nettle come from an old field guide, and consequently sit in the public domain.

anemone flower clip art
clip art of some bleeding heart flowers in nature
a drawing of a brodiaea flower
buttercup clip art drawing
this clip art is a black and white drawing of a chicory flower
black and white hedge-nettle clip art