Environment and Nature Clip Art and GIFs for Social Media

Nothing makes a web page look nicer than a graphic. Since the Internet turned commercial over twenty years ago, GIFs have been one of the most popular graphic formats used. The Environment and Nature Clip Art and GIFs for Social Media section consisting of hundreds of black and white, and colorful GIFs, both animated an non-animated. Scroll down the page and notice that the section divides into basic environment and nature topics such as animals and birds. Some of the pages also provide notes regarding the types of gifs available.

The popularity of animated gifs in social media is due to their small size and ability to convey a variety of meaning. Here comes the marketing...but wait, there's more. All the free gifs provided here serve multi-purposes. They also work great on many print projects such as newsletters. All the images can be downloaded by right clicking on the mouse and downloading them to a computer. Mobile device download differs from operating system to operating system. Please consider adding a link to this resource so that others can benefit. The clip art images and pages may not be used as part of another clip art collection.

Animal GIFs

The animal gifs are divided into eight different categories.

Animal Clip Art

Black and white animal drawings.

Bear Clip Art

Drawings and non-animaled clip art images.

Cat Clip Art
Horses and Cows

Black and white drawings in GIF format.

Animal Drawings
Frog Clip Art
Frog Drawings
Turtle Clip Art

Beach Clip Art

The animated GIFs of lighthouses and the other nonanimated and small gifs for sharks and whales make for great social media tools.

Beach Clip Art
Lighthouse Clip Art
Lobster and Crab
Shark Clip Art
Whale Clip Art
Whale Drawings
Sun Clip Art

Bird Clip Art

Bird Clip Art
Owl Clip Art
Turkey Clip Art

Insect Clip Art

Insect Clip Art
Bee Clip Art
Butterfly Clip Art
Butterfly Drawings
Spider Clip Art

Other Clip Art


Animated GIFs of the earth are great for social media projects.

Recycling Clip Art
Christmas Tree Clip Art

Celebrating the holiday with three small non-animated gifs. They could have easily been placed on the tree clip art page.

Valentine's Day Clip Art

Small red, non-animated gifs that do not take up much social media bandwidth.

Tree Clip Art

Five small, non-animated gifs.

Flower Clip Art

branding holder
The transition from the web 1.0 to web 2.0 environment meant that CSS design replaced many of the traditionally used design icons and fonts. Consequently, the Flower Clip Art section reduces to a handful of flower clip art images permanently placed on this page to accompany the native flower pictures and video.

Please right click on your mouse to download one to your computer for use in reports and newsletters. The specific flower drawings in this set, an anemone, bleeding hearts, brodiaea, buttercups, chicory and hedge-nettle come from an old field guide, and consequently sit in the public domain.

anemone flower clip art
clip art of some bleeding heart flowers in nature
a drawing of a brodiaea flower
buttercup clip art drawing
this clip art is a black and white drawing of a chicory flower
black and white hedge-nettle clip art